About Me

If you’re here looking for adjunct in the dark, this is still the content you want. Life, and the contents of this blog, are changing, but this is still the home of the same weird content you’ve come to expect. Stick around; you never know I might have gotten funnier!

I’m going to perform a miracle, and for the first time in my life, try to keep this short. Here we go.

This blog started as a blog about a blind woman working as an underpaid adjunct, who wanted to tell funny stories, make fun of people a little, and actually contribute to the conversation about disability in higher education. Now, after many years of adjuncting, graduate school, and nebulous undiagnosed mental health issues that turned out to be ADHD and anxiety, it… has not changed a whole lot. The major differences are that I’m now not just talking about blindness, but ADHD and other neuro-diversities, and I’ll be focusing way less on higher education. After seven years of pursuing my PhD, I realized that… I hated it, and so I left. I’ll still talk about higher ed sometimes, because it still needs to be talked about. But I’ll also be talking about life experiences, awareness, advocacy and awareness, and coping mechanisms for lots of things. But don’t worry; I’ll still be telling weird stories and making fun of people a little. I got a new diagnosis, not a new personality.

Okay, that was short, for me. I’ll write a full history page sometime, but for now enjoy your miracle. There would be loaves and fishes too but I forgot to go to the store. Stay anyway. I’ll work really hard to inform you, entertain you, and to maintain some semblance of a posting schedule. And two out of those three things are true.